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Management Consulting Support

Areas of Expertise


Executive Coaching

It is easy to feel the roadblocks to your professional and personal fulfillment are insurmountable obstacles.   My approach is not theoretical or academic but a customized approach drawing on the client’s needs and my many years of executive experience and professional training.  My goal as an executive coach is to empower leaders through increased self-awareness of their strengths and barriers, and develop strategies and clear plans to reach their goals. Through bi-monthly meetings I encourage the client to learn for themselves and enhance their ability to think strategically, set meaningful goals and be accountable for their own results.  I see my role as an 'outsourced supplier of candor’, providing the objective feedback needed to nourish the client’s personal and professional growth, gain awareness of their impact on their work environment (as a leader and member of the work culture) , and notice the effects of their words and actions.  Through a joint analysis of work events, situations and challenges, I work to assist the client to perceive choices rather than simply react to events.   I work to integrate personal development with organizational needs. 

My approach is tailored based on the client’s observed leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and personality type.  Routinely these observations are further informed by a modified 360 assessment disseminated to colleagues, subordinates and customers.  In my work as an executive coach I provide a space for the client to hear their own voice and opportunity to talk through work situations  and gain a new perspective as well as heighten their self awareness of their, beliefs, and attitudes that may be holding them back and can be ‘rewired’ for the personal and professional success.

JOb/Staff Task Analysis

As organizations evolve in size and services it becomes necessary to re-assess staff roles, supervisory structures and job responsibilities.  A job/staff analysis entails cross walking organizational activities with staff responsibilities to support optimal performance.  We undertake a formal process for determining what staff is supposed to be doing, the skills and knowledge they should possess to carry out their jobs effectively and verify what they are actually doing.    As a result of our review, in partnership with the client we suggest new lines of responsibilities, compensation levels and new job descriptions.  In the current work environment this process often involves assessing the most effective work force configuration with respect to full time or contractual staff to carry out specific organizational responsibilities.

Executive Recruitment

The process of finding a new leader can be disconcerting for any organization regardless if it is a result of a planned or un-anticipated departure.   Recruitment of any senior level position provides a perfect opportunity to assess the organization’s immediate and long term leadership needs.  From identifying the salient traits based on interviews with key stakeholders, crafting and strategically disseminating the job opportunity through a diversity of professional networks, expanding and screening the applicant pool and managing the interview and final offer process we bring the right people for your consideration.  Screening candidate resumes against set of required qualifications identified through the strategic review enhances the chances of having a good fit between organizational needs and candidates’ skill sets and experience. 

Our experience with the real world challenges of recruiting and maintaining high quality talent comes from years in thetrenches as managers and directors of nonprofit and public sector organizations.   This experience is augmented by our proven track record of recruitment services for a variety of Senior Level Management staff with organizations ranging in size from under one million dollars to ten million dollars.  

Succession Planning

Planning for new leadership does not have to be frightening.  Succession planning can both energize and reassure a Board by providing the occasion for high level strategic development.  Planning to recruit for a new director provides an opportunity to assess if the responsibilities of the Executive Director have shifted and if the compensation is in line with market.   When properly managed, preparing for new leadership creates an opportunity to assess the organization's capacity to respond to their current and future environment. 

We can also help establish clear first year goals which are essential for a new Executive Director’s success.  Let us help engage your Board and staff to plan for stable leadership throughout personnel changes.

Organization Development

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Performance Management

Our services assist your organization by insuring that your internal policies and processes support high quality performance management of employees.  With services that entail a review of those processes and forms that support your organization’s performance management activities, we provide customized materials, group training and individual support to prepare the organization to implement improved supervisory practices.  We also provide individual and group training for supervisors addressing their specific challenges and opportunities with their employees to improve their supervisory and management skills. 

Deliverables include employee manuals, job descriptions and employee review forms and written processes.  Specific services include: Creating organizationally specific indicators of quality, Development of job descriptions including core competencies, Review/develop employee handbook insuring value alignment, Development of job descriptions including core competencies, Customized performance management protocols and forms and, Establishing new staff orientation components and packets.

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning process should unearth the strengths of the organization’s leadership and the resulting product should be relevant, applicable and accessible. our goal is to help organizations address their top three or four priorities with strategies which position them achieve its greatest programmatic impact(s) in a financially sustainable manner.

My role as facilitator of the strategic planning process is to insure there is buy-in on the part of key stakeholder and that all voices are heard throughout the process.  My clients should expect clear and concise documentation of the findings and resulting strategies which are delivered by agreed upon deadlines.  As an objective outsider I can be expected to bring technical expertise to identify and analyze information and guide the priority setting and decision-making process.  My emphasis is on producing plans with realistic time frames, delegation options and benchmarks to gauge progress.  We believe the quality of our work should be measured by its lasting impact