Investing in Your Human Capital for Lasting Positive Change

Nancy Fournier, Ph.D.

Investing in Your Human Capital for Lasting Positive Change

Fournier Consulting brings over thirty years of experience in working with executive leadership and their staff teams to improve their organization's effectiveness. Our work is neither theoretical nor academic - our experience has been in the trenches as managers and directors of nonprofit and public sector organizations. We know the real world challenges of recruiting and maintaining high quality talent and helping them move in the same direction.

Our performance management experience spans the gambit from designing organization-wide tracking systems to establishing performance goals, leading strategic planning efforts and providing training to supervisors. With a proven track record of assisting organizations with less than a one million dollar annual operating budget to more than a ten million dollar budget, we customize our solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Executive coaching

Developing the capabilities of high-potential performers.

Job/Staff Task Analysis

Ensuring the right people are performing the right tasks for optimal productivity.

Executive Recruitment

Bringing the right leader to your organization.

Strategic PLanning

Creating mission driven clarity and consensus on a game-plan for your organization's future success.

Performance Management

Growing your staff's talent and productivity.

Organizational Development

Assisting organizations in meeting their goals and improving their problem solving skills.


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